Some types of birthmarks can be treated by laser surgery. In particular, port-wine stains are one type of birthmark which is often successfully treated with lasers. Portwine stains are a type of vascular malformation which results in red or purple patches on the skin. They are usually present at birth and are most often found on the face neck, arms or legs. Port-wine stains can be any size and usually grow in proportion to bodily growth. They are permanent and do not resolve over time.

Before and after treatment of birthmark with laser surgery

Port wine stain — Before

After V Beam® laser treatment


There are certain vascular lasers which have shown the best results for treatment of these types of birthmarks. In particular, the V Beam® laser is considered the gold standard for laser treatment of these lesions. Several treatments may be required for successful treatment. For some patients, lasers can totally resolve the port-wine stain. For others, the vascular birthmark is lightened by 50-90%. A small number of patients do not respond to laser treatment. Insurance companies often cover laser treatments for port-wine stains.