Refinity™ Peel

High performance AHA peel containing 70% glycolic acid in combination with a special soothing agent to treat skin without significant irritation. Helps improve skin color, tone and texture.

Beta Lift™ Peel

Exfoliating BHA peel containing salicylic acid, particularly effective for the treatment of acne and clogged pores but also softens rough skin, refines enlarged pores and smoothes fine lines.

Vitalize™ Peel

Intensive peel combining Alpha Hydroxy & Retinoic Acids. A 7- day peel that induces a brisk, but light, peeling of the skin. Skin will be brightened, softening fine lines and lightening pigmentation. Promotes a healthier, more youthful feel and appearance.

Obaji® Blue Peel Radiance™

One of the latest peels from Obaji®, this rejuvinating peel exfoliates the uppermost damaged skin layers revealing fresh, glowing and radiant skin. A nice fit for patients already using Obaji® products or for anyone who needs help with dull texture, blotchy tone, or fine lines